Sung Hoon Talks about ‘Are We In Love?’ and His Future Plans

Starring Sung Hoon, Are We In Love? was released despite the movie industry’s recession due to the spread of coronavirus. Sung Hoon also agreed with the production team that the premiere can no longer be delayed as the release had been put off for three years, although he was worried about the virus.

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He said, “I was very worried that the movie was released in the midst of the entire country upgrading the alert to a serious level. The blockbusters have been delayed, but I think we had no choice but to release the film. I feel terrible for asking people to come and see the movie with their masks on.”

Sung Hoon confessed that he actually thought that the movie would never come out. After three years have passed with no news of being released, he had no choice but to give up. He laughed as he said, “it’s been quite some time since we finished filming. To be honest, I don’t quite remember the filming.”

However, Are We In Love? is receiving harsh criticism since its release. Many say that the story lacks probability. Sung Hoon, too, was aware of this criticism about his film and explained what lacks in his role, Seung Jae.

“At the time of filming, I thought that I could laugh over the scenes (gapjil and secretly filming) as a part of the work or a comedy. But to watch these scenes today, I thought they could cause some troubles. At the time, I thought I could pass them as a part of the character, but the times change quickly these days. I am afraid that some of the scenes might be considered dangerous. I hope you will just see it as a work,” he said as he talked about his movie. He continued, “Even I thought it was strange that (Seung Jae) his actions lacked probability. Later on, it turns out that he is someone who can’t express his feelings. It’s similar to that of a boy who teases a girl he likes.”

Sung Hoon showed even more disappointment since he had been waiting for the movie to come out for three years. He expressed his determination to build up his strength as an actor through this work.

“I will turn over a new leaf. I am determined to show my everything when I get a good offer,” he said. He also added that thanks to a great entertainment show that he has been appearing for quite some time now, he has fully experienced the work with multiple cameras. “As I continued to meet a variety of people, I have lost my fears for cameras. I think I’ll do a better job than back then (when filming for Are We In Love?),” he said, showing his determination.

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Sung Hoon shared his opinions of love when asked if he was in love like the movie.

“Love… I’m not going to do it. It’s too much for me now. Whether I’m in a relationship or not, if I don’t make any comments, people will understand as they please. But if I say ‘no comment’ when asked about my love life, I’m afraid that it would make me look cocky, so I’m always worried,” he answered. “But since I’m not an idol (K-POP singer), I think I’ll be honest if I fall in love. Funny thing is I’m never asked such a question when I’m actually dating someone. Anyways, I don’t have any thoughts right now.”

He also stated that he has no intention of getting married, let alone dating. He is not determined to single forever, but said that he has no time to think about marriage. He also added that he enjoys living alone and that as of now, he feels tiresome to put in all his energy to someone else.

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