‘Mystic Pop-Up Bar’ Releases the Special Poster with Hwang Jung Eum

Mystic Pop-Up Bar has released the special posted with Hwang Jung Eum. From messages to colors, expressions and concepts, the poster catches your eye instantly.

Credit: JTBC

JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, is a fantasy counseling drama where a feisty owner of a mysterious cart bar and an innocent part-timer helps the customers mend their sorrow by entering into their dreams.

With the chairs stacked to the same height, the copy that writes, “Guests are gap. The owner, too, is gap,” draws the attention (Gap means the person with more power).

Wol Joo, played by Hwang Jung Eum, enters into people’s dream to solves their resentments. She will visit the dreams of those who are tired of being “eur” and offer dynamic counselings (eur refers to those who are subjugated).

The drama is based on a webtoon of the same name by Baek Hye Soo, who earned a perfect 10-points-ratings from the readers and was recognized for her cinematic quality by winning the 2017 Korea Comic Awards.

JTBC’s Mystic Pop-Up Bar will premiere on May 20.

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