‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ Has Released Captivating Stills of Lee Min Ho & Jung Eun Chae

SBS‘s upcoming drama The King: Eternal Monarch today (April 1 KST) unveiled four tense still photos of Lee Min Ho and Jung Eun Chae, the two of its lead actors.

영원의 군주_국정보고 스틸컷(1)_SBS 제공
Credit: SBS
영원의 군주_국정보고 스틸컷(2)_SBS 제공
Credit: SBS
영원의 군주_국정보고 스틸컷(3)_SBS 제공
Credit: SBS
영원의 군주_국정보고 스틸컷(4)_SBS 제공
Credit: SBS

In the released stills, Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho), the emperor of the Korean Empire, is having a private conversation with Goo Seo Ryung (Jung Eun Chae), the youngest-ever and first female prime minister of the empire, during her government report to him. Especially, Lee Gon’s gentle smile and Goo Seo Ryung’s intense stare in whispers between themselves make the viewers guess that these characters may be involved in a big royal scandal.

“The emperor Lee Gon and the prime minister Goo Seo Ryung have no choice but to coexist in the Korean Empire, which is a constitutional monarchy,” Hwa&Dam Pictures, the production company of The King: Eternal Monarch, explained about the dangerous relationship of the two characters. “Please tune in to watch their new chemistry as well as Lee Min Ho’s and Jung Eun Chae’s transformations into the emperor and the prime minister,” it added.

The King: Eternal Monarch, a 16-episode fantasy romance series, premieres at 10 p.m. on April 17.

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