Seo Woo is Being Encouraged as She Confesses Her Scars over Malicious Comments

Actor Seo Woo is being cheered as she confesses the pain from the malicious comments.

On March 24, International bnt released an in interview conducted during the recent photoshoot with actor Seo Woo.

Credit: International bnt

Seo Woo talked about being a BTS fan, her new film The House and what she did during her long break. When asked about the secret of being so fit, she answered, “I’m trying to work out, but it’s not easy. Actually I received a lot of malicious comments about my looks. They say that I’m ugly.”

Then she added, “During times like that, I just wanted to be fat, so I gained about 10 kilograms (22 lbs).” Seo Woo further expressed how she deals her stresses, “I usually just de-stress by eating. I don’t talk about my difficulties to others.“

Credit: International bnt
Credit: International bnt
Credit: International bnt
Credit: International bnt

In fact, the actor revealed the stress she gets from rumors and malicious comments several times. In particular, when she appeared on KBS2’s Happy Together, she confessed that she even thought of quitting her acting career.

She said, “I received a ton of malicious comments while acting as a villain. There were times when I just want to quit. I actually though of quitting my job before.”

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