Lee Hyo Ri, Her Good Deeds Continue Even with the Spread of COVID-19

Friendly Hands, a support group for abandoned dogs in Jeju, recently released several photos of Lee Hyo Ri on March 19.

Lee Hyo Ri has been volunteering for the abandoned dogs for more than 10 years. She visited the organization once again despite the recent spread of the coronavirus, wearing a mask as precaution.

Credit: Friendly Hands
Credit: Friendly Hands
Credit: Friendly Hands
Credit: Friendly Hands
Credit: Friendly Hands

The released photos shows the singer in a comfortable clothes working hard to build houses and taking care of dogs.

Lee Hyo Ri, who has been living in Jeju Island since she married Lee Sang Soon in 2013, has shown sincerity in her efforts to protect animals, including abandoned dogs, even before her marriage.

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