AbemaTV Used SEVENTEEN’s New Song from ‘Fallin’ Flower’ as the OST in Their Drama

K-POP group SEVENTEEN’s non-title song “Smile Flower Japaneses ver.” has been released for first time through AbemaTV’s original drama.

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

With the group’s second single album, Fallin’ Flower, scheduled to be released on April 1, SEVENTEEN released a non-title track “Smile Flower Japanese ver.” as the OST for AbemaTV’s Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de.

The drama is a fantasy romance in which Kota, a childhood friend of Mei, suddenly dies before they confess each other’s feelings and now as 24 years of woman, Mei waits for the moment Kota appears only during an season when the cherry blossoms bloom.

SEVENTEEN’s song was inserted in the second half of the episode which aired on March 19.

Meanwhile, the group’s upcoming album, Fallin’ Flower, was be released in Japan on April 1.

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