[Weekly TV Top 10] ‘Mr. Trot’ & ‘Itaewon Class’ Are Still Dominating the Small Screen

The postponement of the winner’s announcement has never happened in history of the Korean audition shows until the final round of Mr. Trot. Mr. Trot announced its man of honor on TV CHOSUN’s News 9, which aired on March 14th, due to the slowdown of its server as more than 7.7 million text votes were cast in real time in the final contest of the program on the 12th. Meanwhile, Itaewon Class, which has only two episodes left until the end of the show, has still shown off huge popularity in the Drama category. Let’s find out which other programs have caught the attention of viewers over the past week.


The Dramas on the 2nd week of March 2020

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Credit: JTBC

JTBC’s Itaewon Class has constantly retained its No. 1 throne, keeping its popularity scores higher than ever. With the story heading to the end, there was a lot of search online for the relevant keywords such as “ending” and “preview.” Following the last week, Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi have also solidified their No. 1 and No. 2 ranks on the Popularity of the Cast chart in the Drama category.

Hospital Playlist, tvN’s new series created by director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung in four years, started off smoothly with the ratings of nearly 6 percent (provided by Nielsen Korea) on its first episode aired on March 12. It has also proved people’s keen interest by making it on the keywords list of the major portal sites before and after its premiere.

tvN’s another drama Hi Bye, Mama! has continued to draw attention with the combination of Kim Tae Hee‘s tearful acting, which stimulates the viewers’ motherhood, and the sub stories of other ghosts. On the Other hand, SBS’s Hyena made the audience concentrate on the passionate kiss scenes of Jung Geum Ja and Yoon Hee Jae, who have led the play with their unpredictable and strange atmosphere.

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Credit: tvN

The Top 10 Popularity of TV Dramas

  1. JTBC Itaewon Class (Share of Audience: 36.93) ( – )
  2. tvN Hospital Playlist (Share of Audience: 11.58) NEW
  3. tvN Hi Bye, Mama! (Share of Audience: 10.87) (▽1)
  4. SBS Hyena (Share of Audience: 8.68) (▽1)
  5. tvN Memorist (Share of Audience: 5) NEW
  6. tvN The Cursed (Share of Audience: 3.35) ( – )
  7. KBS2 Love Is Beautiful Life Is Wonderful (Share of Audience: 2.96) (▲1)
  8. KBS2 Gracious Revenge (Share of Audience: 2.73) (▲2)
  9. SBS Nobody Knows (Share of Audience: 2.18) (▽2)
  10. OCN Tell Me What You Saw (Share of Audience: 1.97) (▲1)

The Top 10 Popularity of the Cast in TV Dramas

  1. Park Seo Joon, Itaewon Class ( – )
  2. Kim Da Mi, Itaewon Class ( – )
  3. Kim Tae Hee, Hi Bye, Mama! ( – )
  4. Kim Hye Soo, Hyena ( – )
  5. Joo Ji Hoon, Hyena (▲2)
  6. Kwon Nara, Itaewon Class (▽1)
  7. Yoo Seung Ho, Memorist NEW
  8. Yoo Yeon Seok, Hospital Playlist NEW
  9. Lee Kyu Hyung, Hi Bye, Mama! (▲3)
  10. Jo Jung Suk, Hospital Playlist NEW


The Non-Dramas on the 2nd week of March 2020

_(본문3) 주간 화제 Top 10_20200319

TV CHOSUN’s Mr. Trot ended with its record-high number of online searches (22.46 million cases). Mr. Trot has occupied the top spot for the tenth time since the start of the show on the first week of January. It also swept many keywords on the related issues such as “jin (the final winner of Mr. Trot),” “announcement,” “winner,” “live broadcast” and “text votes,” as well as the rankings of keywords related to its cast such as “Lim Young Woong,” “Lee Chan Won,” “Jeong Dong Won” and “Young Tak.”

MBC‘s I Live Alone drew sympathetic responses from its viewers as it showed a realistic daily life of Sejeong, a lead vocalist of the girl group Gugudan, who’s lived alone for three months. tvN‘s Great Escape 3 broke its own record of the highest ratings, catching the eyes of the viewers through its zombie factory episode. By the way, Channel A’s dating reality show Heart Signal 3, which is set to be aired on March 25, is already drawing keen attention from the public. The controversy has flared up as the unsavory past of some contestants have been disclosed one after another by their acquaintances.

_(본문4) 주간 화제 Top 10_20200319

The Top 10 Popularity of TV Non-Dramas 

  1. TV CHOSUN Mr. Trot (Share of Audience: 38.63) ( – )
  2. MBC I Live Alone (Share of Audience: 3.08) (▲2)
  3. tvN Great Escape 3 (Share of Audience: 2.47) (▲4)
  4. Channel A Heart Signal 3 (Share of Audience: 2.04) NEW
  5. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share of Audience: 1.99) (▲95)
  6. SBS Unanswered Questions (Share of Audience: 1.88) (▲2)
  7. SBS Running Man (Share of Audience: 1.77) (▲3)
  8. KBS2 The Return of Superman (Share of Audience: 1.74) (▲1)
  9. SBS Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant (Share of Audience: 1.37) (▲5)
  10. tvN Amazing Saturday: DoReMi Market (Share of Audience: 1.37) (▲3)

The Top 10 Popularity of the Cast in TV Non-Dramas

  1. Lim Young Woong, Mr. Trot ( – )
  2. Lee Chan Won, Mr. Trot ( – )
  3. Young Tak, Mr. Trot (▲2)
  4. Kim Ho Jung, Mr. Trot ( – )
  5. Jeong Dong Won, Mr. Trot (▽2)
  6. Jang Min Ho, Mr. Trot ( – )
  7. Kim Hee Jae, Mr. Trot (▲2)
  8. Sejeong of Gugudan, I Live Alone NEW
  9. Yoo Jae Suk, You Quiz on the Block (▲441)
  10. ITZY, Weekly Idol NEW


The survey was released on March 18 by the TV popularity analysis agency Good Data Corporation after analyzing netizens’ responses, which generated from news articles, blogs/communities, videos and SNSs, for the 26 dramas being on air or scheduled to air from March 9 through March 15.

Source (1, 2, 3, 4)

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