Shin Sung Rok Comes Up for the Lead Role of MBC ‘Kairos’

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Credit: HB Entertainment

Shin Sung Rok has been the most likely candidate to be a lead role of MBC’s new drama Kairos (working title).

According to the exclusive report by Star News on March 16, Shin Sung Rok is considering his appearance as a hero in Kairos, which is scheduled to air on September, after getting a proposal from the production team of the upcoming series. Kairos is said to be a fantasy-like romantic thriller about a man living in the present and a woman living in the past.

The lead male role Shin Sung Rok may play is Kim Seo Jin, the youngest director in a construction company in Kairos. Kim Seo Jin is a successful man who gets promoted to the director at his earlier age, but encounters the worst crisis in his life after his daughter was kidnapped. He’s said to be a character who tries to turn back the clock along with a lead female and finds out the hidden truths on every episode.

If he confirms his appearance in Kairos, Shin Sung Rok will return to the small screen in about a year since SBS’s Friday-Saturday series Vagabond, which ended last November. We can’t wait to see him on a television drama again!

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