Lim Young Woong Graces Highest Moment Ratings in the Final Episode of ‘Mr. Trot’ with His Touching Win

TV CHOSUN’s survival audition show Mr. Trot has set its greatest records in the finale as Lim Young Woong, one of the most popular participants in this program, won the first prize.

3월14일 긴급방송_임영웅 우승_TV조선

According to the Korean ratings research firm TNMS on March 15, the 12th special episode of Mr. Trot’ aired in the evening on the 14th recorded the highest moment ratings of 28.6 percent (as of pay-per-view subscribers). The highest rated 1-minute scene was the moment when Lim Young Woong was chosen as “Jin (No. 1 winner),” while more than 8.54 million viewers simultaneously watched Mr. Trot’ at this moment.

TNMS also said that the average number of viewers who watched the special episode of Mr. Trot was tallied as 7.54 million. This figure is much the same with the number of viewers (7.73 million and 1,781 people) who had participated in TV CHOSUN’s national text message voting on March 12. In other words, it seems that most of the viewers who had participated in the national text message voting on Thursday also watched the live broadcast yesterday that announced the No. 1 winner.

3월14일 긴급방송 예고편_문자투표 폭주_TV조선

These records are very surprising because the 12th episode of Mr. Trot was urgently programmed to be broadcasted at around 8 p.m. yesterday, which isn’t a regular airtime for the program, to announce its final winner. On March 12, Mr. Trot failed to announce the final results in the 11th episode since the server for the national text message voting got paralyzed due to the soaring number of voters.

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