Sulli’s Close Friend, Actress Kim Sun Ah, Adopts Her Cat

Sulli’s cat, Goblin, who has been being taken care of by Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul, has now officially been adopted by Sulli’s close friend and actress, Kim Sun Ah.

The young actress posted on her Instagram about the adoption on March 13th, and thanked Heechul for taking care of Goblin since Sulli’s passing.

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음 뭐라 말을 해야할지 모르겠지만.. 바로 블린이를 제가 케어하기에는 자신도 없고 막상 애기를 보니깐 마음이 무너지더라구요. 바쁜 희철오빠에게 좀 돌봐달라고 조심스럽게 부탁드렸는데 고민도 안하고 바로 돌봐주고 애기 건강검진 이며 다 해줘서 너무너무너무 감사하구 진짜 감동이였어요. 정말 멋진사람👏🏻 데려온지는 조금 지났지만 나만 보기엔 너무 사랑스럽고 이쁜아이여서 우리 같이 블린이 보자구 조심스럽게 투척🤭 최고블린 사랑해

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She posted photos of Goblin with the caption, “Um, I don’t know how to say this… I didn’t have the confidence to take care of Blin (Goblin) right away, and when I saw him, it felt like my heart was collapsing. I tentatively asked Heechul oppa, who is really busy, if he could take care of him, and he didn’t even hesitate to take him right away and give him his medical check-up. I am really, really grateful and I was really touched by that. He’s truly an amazing person. It’s been a while since I brought Goblin home, but he’s too lovable and pretty for me to keep to myself, so I am sharing these photos with you all. You’re the best, Blin. I love you.”



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