CL and Her Sister Cheer Dara on For Her Musical Debut

CL and her younger sister Harin cheered Dara on for musical debut with lots of love and support.

Dara shared photos with her fellow ‘Another Oh Hae Young’ musical cast members and crew enjoying a meal from CL and Harin. The caption stated, “Hearty lunch and coffee sent by sisters CL and HL! Wow~~~ So great!! I’m so touched and happy! I’m usually the president of CL’s fan club, but today, it seems like CL is the president of Dara’s fan club. She even got me the spicy braised chicken that I love. #successful fan.”

Dara also shared pictures of a banner designed by CL herself that had the words, “To the ‘Another Oh Hae Young’ cast and crew, please take good care of Dara for her first musical! CL is cheering you on!”, written on it.

CL’s younger sister Harin also took time to send Dara some coffee with labels that said, “I support ‘Another Oh Hae Young’. From, Dara’s forever fan Harin.”

It’s so sweet how the 2NE1 members keep in touch and are always supportive of one another for any and everything. What a group!



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