Ra Mi Ran Continues Her Own Heyday as Another One-Top Lead Role in ‘Citizen Deok Hee’

_(본문) 시민덕희 주연 캐스팅_
Credit: C-JeS Entertainment Instagram

Ra Mi Ran is reportedly playing her third lead role on the big screen through the upcoming film Citizen Deok Hee (literally translated).

According to several officials of the Korean movie industry on March 10, the actor is recently working on the details of contract with the production team after deciding to star in Citizen Deok Hee. Based on a true story about a housewife in her 40s who caught a boss of the voice phishing gang after falling victim to the scam, Citizen Deok Hee is the first commercial film of director Pak Young Ju, who made two independent works 1 Kilogram and Second Life.

It’s very encouraging for Ra Mi Ran to take another lead role since the consecutive successes of Miss & Mrs. Cops and Honest Candidate, which have both starred her as their own main characters. Starring in a series of female-one-top works, she’s been constantly stimulating the Korean movie scene, which mostly stars the male actors in their 40s and 50s in films and casts the female actors only in their 20s and 30s as the lead roles (even the films starring female actors are so fewer!), while broadening her own boundaries.

Citizen Deok Hee will start filming in the first half of this year after the pre-production process, but its shooting schedule is still changeable due to the aftermath of COVID-19 (the new Coronavirus) outbreak.

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