Dreamcatcher Wrap Up Their Activities for ‘Scream’

K-POP girl group Dreamcatcher (Jiyu, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong and Gahyeon), who ended the ‘Nightmare’ Series, opened the first chapter of the new story of ‘Dystopia.’ Dystopia : The Tree of Language, the first full-length album of the group released last month, tells the story of Dreamcatcher looking at the darkened world in hurtful language.

Credit: Dreamcatcher Company

Upon the interview with MK Star Today, Dreamcatcher introduced the world view of the new album as “the album that contains the social messages regarding malicious comments and so-called witch hunt.”

“If we first told the fantasy-like story with the Nightmare series, this time, we wanted to tell the story that the public can relate to even more. Rather than using the current trend, we wanted to convey the emotions that people these days feel.”

– Sua

“The tree that appears in the music video is a tree that bears white fruit when you say pretty things and black fruits when you say bad things. In modern society, everywhere you go, you end up facing misunderstanding or scars from words. We wanted to show that in the album.”

– Jiyu

Credit: Dreamcatcher Company

The title track “Scream” presented wider musical spectrum by adding electronica on the metal rock sound that they always kept.

“We’ve taken the heavy metal genre and solidified our color. But this time, we’ve tried adding the electronic sounds that are familiar to people for the first time. I guess you could say that in many ways, this album comes out with more popular appeals.”

– Sua

“The metal genre itself has a fast beat, but as we add electronic sound, the music got even more cheerful and faster. There are a lot of dance breaks in the title song, and actually, I feel more energetic as I dance.”

– Yoohyeon

The past three years have been intense for Dreamcatcher. At this point of time when K-POP has emerged as a new trend in the global pop music scene, as is the case with most idol groups, Dreamcatcher has also stepped up its activities targeting no only the domestic field, but also overseas markets.

“I feel like we’ve grown a lot when the size of the concerts get bigger. When we first went on the Europe Tour, we performed in the concert hall with 400-500 seats, but in the recent Europe Tour in 7 countries, we performed in the one with 1,000 seats. The fact that we grew a lot over the past few years finally hit me.”

– Jiyu

“When our album comes out, our fans always help us make the Billboard K-POP chart. When that happens, I feel the love our fans.”

– Siyeon

Credit: Dreamcatcher Company

Dreamcatcher previously debuted in 2014 as Mings, but had to suffer the pain of disbanding after two years. What does the past time mean for Dreamcatcher?

“I was devastated by the fact that there is nothing I can do even after working so hard. But I think I was able to pull through and cheer up because all the other members stayed with me.”

– Yoohyeon

“I think the ‘present me’ is here because I experienced that time. I’m thankful for it.”

– Dami

“All I want is to keep the name Dreamcatcher to the end. I spent more than half of my life practicing and trying to make it in the entertainment industry. So I feel like I am going to lose myself if the name Dreamcatcher disappears. Dreamcatcher has to remain forever.”

– Sua

Dreamcatcher broke their all-time high records with “Scream.” They reached 25,000 in early album sales, ranking second on the iTunes Worldwide Albums chart after Justin Bieber’s Changes, as well as putting their name on the Top 10 list in 25 countries and of them they topped in 8 countries.

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