EXO Fans Send Back Chen Merchandise to SM Entertainment & SM Refuses to Accept Them

Many EXO fans have recently been under fire for sending in Chen merchandise to SM Entertainment.

Because of SM Entertainment’s decision of keeping Chen in EXO even with the recent news that he would be getting married soon to his pregnant fiancé, many angry fans sent in boxes of Chen merchandise to his label in protest of the star’s presence in the group.

SM Entertainment, however, refused to accept the packages and because most of the packages didn’t have a return address, it made a huge increase in the amount of work post office employees had to do. It seems as though EXO fans aren’t bothered, because they are continuing their protest by expanding it a day and offering different suggestions on how to send the packages.

Many people have been criticizing the fans’ actions, because the fandom wasn’t being considerate to the post office employees as well as acting in a way that was crossing the line during such a difficult time for Korea in the midst of the Coronavirus.



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