Press Screening of ‘Are You in Love?’ Takes Place on March 17

Despite of the fears surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), a press screening of the new romance film Are You in Love? (directed by Kim Jung Kwon), starring Kim So Eun and Sung Hoon, is being held in about two weeks.

On March 5, the movie’s distributor Blue Film Works announced that it would host a press screening of Are You in Love? at Lotte Cinema World Tower in the morning on the 17th. Lotte Cinema World Tower is one of the largest multiplex theatres in Korea, so the cinema is expected to be quite crowded with many reporters on the day of the press screening.

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Credit: Blue Film Works

The specific release date of Are You in Love? is still unknown even though its press screening is held soon. Only the film’s main poster, which has been just released, says Are You in Love? is being released within March. It seems that the production and distribution companies of the movie are probably keeping their eyes on the current situation regarding COVID-19 and the cinemas.

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