Kim Chung Ha Talks About Rumors Regarding Her Quarantined Staff Members

To celebrate her 1000th-day since debut, Kim Chung Ha chatted with her fans on March 2nd. The singer also took this as an opportunity to talk about rumors of her quarantined staff members, and how much the rumors had upset her.

It was reported by numerous Korean media outlets that two of the singers staff members who had accompanied her overseas for ‘Milan Fashion Week‘ had been tested positive for the Coronavirus. During this chat with her fans, however, the singer stated that aside from the two staff members who had tested positive, the rest of her staff had tested negative. She also took time to reassure fans that she was at home and healthy.

She said, “The news reports said that two of my staff members were discovered as testing positive to the Coronavirus symptoms. I have been being extra cautious to stay safe and away from danger long before those discoveries were made, by just staying home. To be honest, I’ve been staying in my house and not leaving for a while now. An ‘exclusive’ report made claims that out of the two staff members who tested positive, one was my manager. This is false, all three of my managers are very healthy. I don’t understand why they would report things like that, since we already released an official statement. I was honestly quite upset, and would like to express that I felt wrongly accused and hurt by all these rumors.”

The singer reassured her fans once again that she was healthy, and also added that none of her staff members have any relations to the controversial ‘Shincheon religious cult’.


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