Netizens Compliment Red Velvet on Their Humble Ways of Living

Red Velvet was trending on February 29th through platforms such as Pann Nate and other leading sites in Korea, due to the huge amount of compliments they’d received based on the humble use of their expenses.

The article mentioned that though the girls had been in the industry for 7 years now, all of the members have yet to buy cars and houses for themselves and live very modestly. But despite their modest ways of living, the girls used their hard-earned money to donate large amounts to the country in order to help with the coronavirus situation.

Many commended their decisions, because despite them having the ability to do certain things or live a certain way, they live a selfless life and instead, use those abilities to help out when help is needed.

Seems like the members of Red Velvet are the role models we need in life.



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