Nam Tae Hyun Concerns His Fans During His Live Show + Apologizes For His Recent Behaviors and Promises New Music

Fans showed concerns for Nam Tae Hyun‘s emotional state as he cried and showed troubled behaviors during his live broadcasts over the past few days.

He started his live video by apologizing for not being able for his fans recently and added “everyone in our company is working hard, We are fighting hard for good results.” Then he continued sharing how stressed he is about writing good music.

Nam also talked about his previous group, WINNER. “It’s true things didn’t work out as I hoped after I left WINNER,” said Nam. Then he got on his knees and apologized for “leaving the group in such irrational manner” and added that “the fans have every right to be mad at me. For the first time, I apologize.” He also pleaded, “Please don’t hate me so much. I am terrified every day. I am taking pills by a handful. I cannot remember yesterday or the day before.”


Nam Tae Hyun also revealed his feelings about the recent hacking damage. He said “I’ve been hacked too. Everything from my personal information to all the photos I took were hacked.” “I’ve never committed a crime or took drugs. But I wanted to stop anything going public for my friends’ sake. Frankly, I have nothing to lose. But I thought it was on me to prevent any unwanted situations from happening,” he stated.

The singer shed tears as he opened up about his struggles, saying “Please love my music. I’m working hard. South Club is not doing well, and they’re saying its my fault.”


In response to fans worries, Nam’s agency P&B Entertainment stated on Feb. 12, “Nam Tae Hyun has recently been devoting time into his new album. He has been experiencing trouble with the creative process as an artist and showed a strong reaction to it.” They continued, “As his agency, we are working hard for the protection of our artist.”

On February 12, Nam Tae Hyun personally reassured fans about his current condition.

“I’m sorry for making you worry the past few days. I have learned that driving myself to the edge of a cliff is not the best way to enhance my music.

Before the spring ends, I will greet you with the best music that I and South Club can make! And I will work in a more healthy way.

Instead of suffocating, I will work hard with love and generosity. Thank you all for for your love.”

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