Vince Releases His New Single ‘Emergency’, I’ll Play New Music As A Singer-songwriter


Vince, a rookie artist belonging to THEBLACKLABEL, recently released his latest single “Emergency” and had an interview with My Daily, one of the Korean news websites.

“‘Emergency'” is the first new song released in four months since Vince’s debut single “MENNAL”, which was released last year. “I just wanted to introduce a new song as soon as possible after my debut piece “MENNAL”. After all, it took me four months to release “Emergency”. I was eager to play it a little faster at first, but I decided to show it more perfectly, so it took me some time.” Vince explained why it took for a while to make his new work public. “‘Emergency’ is more focused on the music I want to do, while “MENNAL” is a hip-hop song with a lot of simple but pretty colors. I attempted to make “Emergency” more powerful and grander than ‘MENNAL'”. He added.

“Emergency” was featured by his best friend Zion.T. He also showed off his friendship with Vince, appearing on the music video together as well as featuring the track. “Zion.T and I meet each other every day. We’re getting along with each other very well because we are the same age. I suggested him to collaborate with me in the process of completing the album. I first thought that Zion.T would never feature this song in his name, however, he said yes immediately after he listened to the song just once. Very grateful for his that personality then.” Vince said.

In the past, Vince was known more generally as a music producer named Joe Rhee. “I’ve kept my job as a singer-songwriter in my mind since I joined THEBLACKLABEL. I once wanted to perform in the name of Joe Rhee, and at some point, I realized that I had evolved as an artist by myself― after preparing my album for years. So I changed my mind to challenge as Vince, the brand-new name and character, instead of continuing as Joe Rhee.” He told a behind story about his name.

The things that made Vince even more famous were his consecutive collabs with the prominent artists, such as Taeyang and G-Dragon of BIG BANG, WINNER, iKON and SUNMI. “I was just lucky. What a especially good luck was that I worked with Taeyang as my first partner, neither with iKON, WINNER or with SUNMI’S hit song “Gashina”. In fact, Taeyang and I have similar personalities and thoughts about music, so I was able to work without being too burdened as if I were making my own album. After that, other tasks could get a little easier.” He explained.

Vince finished the interview saying, “I always think a lot about how to make songs newer. I want to experience the newer sounds or genres and show them to my fans. I’d like to show you the music going ahead at least half a step, even if it’s hard to take a step forward.”

When he was only a producer belonging to THEBLACKLABEL, Vince was recognized for his skills by participating in the songs, such as SUNMI’S “Gashina”, G-Dragon’s “SUPER STAR”, WINNER’s “AH YEAH”, Taeyang’s “WAKE ME UP” and so on before his official debut as a singer. Vince’s new single “Emergency (Feat. Zion.T)”, released at 6 p.m. on Feb. 4th, is being well-received for its stylish music color and followed by the active supports from his fellow artists, such as Taeyang, Jennie of BLACKPINK and Jeon So Mi.

Watch the full music video of Vince’s latest single “Emergency” on YouTube!

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