Koo Hye-sun Explains First Time: Why I Started Swapping Marriage Life Against My Husband

Credit: SBS
_한밤 인터뷰(1)_수정본
Credit: SBS

Actress Koo Hye-sun revealed her mind through a television interview the first time after she started a legal war against Ahn Jae-Hyun, her 3-year-long husband and actor, over their divorce last August.

Koo appeared on Hanbam show of SBS (one of the most popular entertainment and celebrity news program in Korea), which was aired last night (circa 9:00 PM, Feb. 5th, KST), to confess unseen feelings and introduce her future plan. “It’s been a long while, really a long while to face a broadcasting camera. I don’t remember at all (when the last time I faced it). Feel Like working again thanks to this interview.” Koo said. “I’m preparing for an art exhibition held in April. Many more colors have been used for my latest pieces than for the old ones. I used to be a fully angry person, but I’ve changed.” She told about her nowadays.

Koo said that she had considered for an interview for a long time, recalling those days. “My friends and acquaintances had advised me not to answer any requests for interviews. I’ve just relied on the public heavily, anyway― I could rely on nobody. Self-reflecting that I was too childish, I’m so shameful of myself. I apologize (to the public and her fans) if you have been sick of it. I wanted to resolve some misunderstandings and guessed those behaviors were enough at that time. You don’t see anything when you are mad, do you?” She spoke her mind calmly.

_한밤 인터뷰(2)_수정본
Credit: SBS

Specifically, Koo mentioned that her present agency―she moved there because her husband Ahn Jae-Hyun recommended to do it―was one of the causes to disclose details of their breakup. “We have belonged to the same agency and it made me feel very helpless. Most executives and staff have worked longer with my husband than with me, so I could hardly tell someone else what was going on. It was impossible to issue a statement (about the end of marriage) through the agency. It’s an absolutely personal and family life, but I was too desperate to hide the truth anymore.” Koo explained.

Koo also stated her true heart when their breakup had started and developed. “Many couples usually get tired of a married life, fight each other and decide to divorce, but there was no mid-process like that for us. I felt nothing because I thought he was kidding me. I trusted him so much. When I realized he wasn’t kidding, however, I felt really furious.” She said.

She revealed consecutively why she had disclosed the stories via her own SNSs. “I needed nothing then― my job, my possessions, my background, and so on. It only remained that I was someone’s girl. I just vented all my rage as much as I can, whatever it takes. What a stupid.” She added. “The things that have happened until now seem like not my behaviors but a series of dreams. Feeling like dreaming a nightmare for a half year.”

Koo also answered clearly when she was asked about the cause to stop disclosing against Ahn Jae-hyun. “I eventually realized, ‘Oh, I can’t beat over him’, after reading the reports and statements (Ahn and Korean media had made). Do you know exactly how much I and my husband talked with each other for the last two years? The articles just scissored off, pasted, and made our brawls public, and there was only one story: ‘Koo Hye-sun has got crazy’. As I go only on the evil way and get dirtier and dirtier to win this war, I have changed my whole mind after all.” She said.

Koo has never personally contacted with Ahn since August, the time their breakup story was first reported. “What I only wanted to be a conversation, but the door already shut. I believe I should deal with it as he wants. We shall meet each other in court one day.” She concluded.

Koo clarified her future plan lastly. “I used to feel unfair, but I know that I’m not the only one feeling unfair. I’ll definitely get regressive unless I restart my life. I’m trying hard for good results. For now, I’m leaving for London for a language training. To refresh myself while studying from sunrise to sunset through an intensive course. I also applied for a return to my school. I’m going to live actively and well.” She said.

We hope you show yourself more often, Hye-sun!

Watch the full video of Koo Hye-sun’s latest interview on the official site of SBS’s Hanbam show!

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