TWICE Becomes Kpop Girl Group with the Highest Annual Earnings Ever in Japan Based on Oricon chart

The girls have broken a new record!

TWICE has broken yet another record as their 2019 income in Japan was noted as the highest amount earned by a Korean female group in a year, based on Oricon Chart’s history.

This record was previously held by Kpop girl group KARA with their highest record annual earnings in Japan back in 2011, that amounted to 4.926 billion yen.

TWICE’s annual income from their albums have blown up from 1.54 billion yen in 2017 when they first debuted in Japan, to 3.71 billion yen in 2018, and to the current 5.196 billion yen this year.

A huge congratulations to the girls of TWICE for their accomplishment!


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