KBS’s Mistreatment of A Pink Angered Many Fans, and Got #JusticeForAPink Trending Worldwide

Fans have been expressing their anger at KBS after their mistreatment towards A Pink during the ‘KBS Gayo Daechukje’. The girls’ performance was cut off before they could even finish, which caused them to be unable to perform their outro. Fans have been speaking for the group through the #JusticeForAPink, which is currently trending number three worldwide.

A Pink member Naeun posted the outro that they were unable to perform on her personal Instagram for her fans, and also posted a long caption explaining the reason as to why she posted the video.

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이번 연말은 여러모로 참 속상한 일들이 많은 연말이네요. 열심히 준비한 무대 끝까지 다 못보여드려서 속상하고 죄송한 마음에 올립니다. 준비하느라 고생한 멤버들, 프리마인드 그리고 오늘 아침 일찍부터, 아니 어제 사녹부터 고생한 우리 스텝들수고 많았어요. 우리 무대 기다려주고 응원해준 판다들 고마워요. 모두가 함께 수고했다는 마음으로 기분좋게 한 해를 마무리하기 위해 모인 자리인 만큼 모든 가수들이 열심히 준비한 무대 앞으로는 안전하게, 공평하게, 만족스럽게 할수있는 환경이 되었으면 좋겠습니다. 항상 에이핑크를 응원해주시는 많은 분들 감사드립니다.

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Another member of the group Chorong was seen on a recent V Live with puffy eyes, leading many fans to believe that she had been crying.

Hoping for a sincere apology from KBS to these hardworking girls.


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