Pressured by International Netizens, Mnet Re-Uploads GOT7’s Performance Video From ‘MAMA 2019’

After a receiving great responses for their amazing performance at the 2019 MAMA ceremony and trending both on Naver and worldwide, GOT7’s performance video was mysteriously deleted from Mnet’s YouTube channel just a few moments after being posted.

Many were confused by Mnet’s random decision and were angry at how they were treating their veteran groups, since all other artists that participated in the event got a chance to shine with their performance videos being posted with no problems.

All of GOT7 fans were enraged, and after getting a lot of pressure from the group’s international fans as well, Mnet decided to re-post the deleted performance video. Though fans are satisfied with the re-upload of the video, they are still awaiting a formal apology from Mnet.

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