Kundo – A Chosun dynasty action flick!

Unlike the traditional historical drama, <Kundo> is told from the point of view of the country’s bystanding people amidst a power struggle between the unjust wealthy noblemen who run society and a group of righteous outlaws who steal from corrupt officials to give to the downtrodden and starving. <Kundo> is an exhilarating film with action that has hints of western movies mixed with Asian martial arts in a battle centered on Baekjeong Dochi (Ha Jung-woo), a polished martial artist with a thirst for vengeance, and Cho Yun (Kang Dong-won), an enemy of the people.

This film has more than just action with renowned actor Ha Jung-woo sporting a bald headed look and Kang Dong-won playing a cold-hearted villain. The film also made headlines with its casting of stars known for their superior acting skills including Lee Seong-min Cho Jin-woong, Ma Dong-seok, Yoon Ji-hye, Jeong Man-sik, and Kim Sung-kyun, each playing distinct and charismatic characters. Experience a state of exhilaration and catharsis by watching the movie <Kundo> now on OnDemandKorea.

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