f(x) Luna’s Last Instagram Farewell to Former Group Member Sulli

On October 25th, f(x) member and singer, Luna has broken her silence and gave her last farewell to former group member and actor Sulli, who took her own life on October 14th.

In a brief Instagram post, she described her relationship with Sulli and expressed her regrets being unable to provide more love for her dear group member by writing, “My lovely group members who I’ve shared 10 years of my life with and are so thankful for. Dear prettiest Sulli, I am finally writing these words. Because of you, my sister, I have had so much laughter and have also shared so many tears. We fought quite a lot too, didn’t we? I’m so sorry for being unable to take care of you more and to love you more. I’ll pray that your pretty self will shine even more brightly in that pretty sky. I love you so much and I can’t put into words how thankful I am towards you. You were such a lovely child, and such a mature little sister. I love you, Sulli. I love you so much.” 

It was also known that Luna, due to the sad and sudden passing, had cancelled her musical – Mamma Mia – schedules for this past October 19-20th.

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• 사랑하는 우리 멤버들 10년동안 함께해준 고마운 사람들. 우리 예쁜설리야 이제야 글을 올린다. 언니는 니가 있어서 많이 웃기도 많이 울기도 했어 우리 참 많이 싸웠지 ..? 언니가 더 못챙겨줘서 더 많이 사랑해주지 못해 미안해 예쁜 하늘에서 예쁜 우리 설리 더 밝게 빛나길 기도할게 언니가 정말 많이 사랑해 말로 표현할수 없을 만큼 고마워 넌 정말 사랑스런 아이였고 어른스런 내동생이였어 사랑한다 설리야 정말 많이 사랑해.

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