Confession of Murder – Real action with an unexpected twist

What happens when a serial killer at the end of his statute of limitations publishes an autobiography of his crimes?

<Confession of Murder> is an eye-catching film with exceptional storytelling and writing material. While most crime movies focus on the timeline of the crime itself, <Confession of Murder> takes a different approach by placing the story 17 years after the crime at the end of the statute of limitations, creating an unusual and entertaining perspective. A serial killer being praised for the publishing of his autobiography becomes a best-selling star author in this film while being at a tense war of nerves with a guilt-ridden detective.

As Jung Byung-gil’s first commercial film after entering the Cannes Film Festival with <The Villainess>, <Confession of Murder> features veteran actor Jung Jae-young along with the small-screen star Park Si-hoo, respectively playing the loyal detective “Choi Hyung-koo” and the claimed murderer “Choi Hyung-koo.”  This film’s release was a large success with 2.7 million viewers and a Japanese remake starring Japanese star Tatsuya Fujiwara, famous for the “Death Note” series. If you have not yet seen <Confession of a Murder> we suggest you avoid reading any spoilers and give it a try!

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