Assassination – A resistance group in Japanese-occupied Korea carry out a secret assassination.

Recently the current happenings of the Japanese government’s economic retaliation to Korea has sparked a variety of opportunities to promotion Korean national pride. Celebrating 74 years of Korea’s liberation we can revive the meaning of the Korean National Liberation Day through this film <Assassination>, focused around fighting for Korea’s independence during Japan’s occupation.

<Assassination> tells the story of the Korean provisional government struggling in Shanghai where independence fighters are tasked with the assassination of those in the pro-Japanese group while simultaneously on the chase from a hired hitman with his own struggle on deciding the fate of the country. Directed by Choi Dong-hoon, who broke 10 million viewers with the film <The Thieves>, this film was inspired by the assassination of Japanese Army General Kazushige Ugaki, the governor-general of the Korean Peninsula, in March 1932.

Like the directors previous films, <Reconstruction of Crime> and <The Thieves>, <Assassination> also features a superstar cast. Jeon Ji-hyun plays the role of independence fighter sniper and hit squad leader Ahn Oh-kyun, Lee Jung-jae plays the role of a two-faced interim government official, and many more stars such as Ha Jung-woo, Choi Duk-moon, and Ha Jung-woo appear throughout the film. Overall the patriotism, betrayal, and historical background deliver a heavy message.

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