A K-Pop Group Revealed Fighting On Set On Instagram + Halts Production

riize vs zerobaseone
riize vs zerobaseone

Idol groups aren’t always a bundle of sugar and sunshine! Fans were shocked by an Instagram post that revealed a huge fight on set halted filming, messed up production and more. Fans are now speculating just who the group could be!

On June 8th, a well-known staff member known for working on set with groups such as RIIZE, ZEROBASEONE and NCT, was working on set with another idol group.

He posted pictures showing an outdoor beach set that looked well-decorated and surrounded by Korean pine trees. However, his followers were surprised after he posted on his Instagram mystory a photo with a brazen comment regarding the disruptive behavior of the idols on set.

riize vs zerobaseone
Credit: Staff Instagram Story

The staff member blatantly wrote, “It’s my first time having to halt filming because members fought with each other while filming” – commenting on the issues escalating between the group.

What exactly caused the fight is unclear and what the fight was about is still unknown. Whether the video production was completed is also still a mystery.

Fans began scouring the internet to discover just how it could be. Based off of idol schedules and currentlyrics active groups some netizens ruled out SM Entertainment groups.

Others were worried it might have been NCT after their huge scandal regarding meeting and visiting Japanese hostess bars in Japan already plaguing them.

However, some netizens are also pointing fingers at the staff member for posting a risky comment regarding the idols on social media. Not only did the well-known staff member reveal the set details of the MV but he also scrutinized a group in a way that some would argue as being unprofessional as well.

Many netizens eagerly await to see if the same location may appear in a future idol groups mv thus clarifying just who it may have been.

Fans also showed mixed reactions regarding the issues with some calling idols “brats” and others showing concern on various social media platforms. See the fan comments below and let us know what you think of this situation in the comments!


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