Kim Ha Neul and Rain’s ‘Red Swan’ Confirms July Release on Disney Plus

red swan kdrama
red swan kdrama
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus has announced the July premiere of Red Swan, a thrilling drama centered on the upper echelons of Korean society. Alongside the announcement, the streaming service released a stunning poster and first stills showcasing the captivating world of the Hwainga Group.

Red Swan follows the story of Oh Wan Soo, the chairwoman of the Now Foundation, who finds her life in danger due to a fierce inheritance battle within the Hwainga Group. Her bodyguard, Seo Do Yoon, is a former police officer determined to protect her at all costs.

red swan kdrama
Credit: Disney Plus

The newly released poster features the characters against the backdrop of a luxurious mansion, each displaying their distinct personalities. Kim Ha Neul, as the elegant Oh Wan Soo, commands attention with her poised presence. Rain‘s Seo Do Yoon stands out with his intense gaze, promising viewers spectacular action scenes.

The ensemble cast also includes Jung Gyu Woon, Seo Yi Sook, Yoon Je Moon, and Ki Eun Se, each bringing unique flair to their roles. Jung Gyu Woon plays Kim Yong Gook, the successor of the Hwainga Group and Oh Wan Soo’s husband, exuding a wild, uncontrollable energy. Seo Yi Sook portrays Park Mi Ran, the haughty chairwoman of the Hwainga Group, while Yoon Je Moon takes on the role of Han Sang Il, the group’s enigmatic lawyer. Ki Eun Se plays Jang Tae Ra, an ambitious new face in the group.

Adding to the intrigue is the atmospheric poster caption, “Elegantly, everything about them is exposed,” which hints at the hidden secrets and true nature of Korea’s elite 1%.

red swan kdrama
Credit: Disney Plus

The first stills from the series highlight Oh Wan Soo’s confident demeanor, with Seo Do Yoon valiantly protecting her from looming threats. The dynamic between the two characters, as they protect each other and develop a captivating bond, is expected to be a major draw for viewers. The intense clashes among the vibrant characters set against the backdrop of the powerful Hwainga Group promise a riveting watch.

Red Swan is directed by Park Hong Kyun, known for his work on hits like New Heart, Queen Seondeok, and The Greatest Love. The script is penned by Choi Yoon Jung, the writer behind Only Love and Three Sisters, ensuring a high-quality production. The 10-episode series will release two episodes every Wednesday, starting from July 3rd.

Source: Disney Plus

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