aespa Handles Controversies with Grace: Laughs at Bang Si Hyuk’s Text, Shows Support for NewJeans

aespa newjeans
aespa newjeans
Credit: iMBC

aespa’s Winter couldn’t hold back her laughter when asked about Bang Si Hyuk’s message about them, creating a buzz online. On May 27th, aespa held a showcase to celebrate the release of their first full-length album, Armageddon, sharing stories about their comeback.

During the event, aespa was asked about the various issues that had surfaced recently. They previously addressed the concerns, stating they were aware of the issues but focused solely on preparing for their comeback.

However, the room stirred again when a question arose about Min Hee Jin, ADOR’s CEO, revealing a message exchange with Bang Si Hyuk that mentioned “crushing aespa.” This led to visible reactions from the members, with cameras flashing to capture the moment. Winter, covering her face with a smile, became the highlight, leading to headlines like “Winter Holds Back Laughter at Bang Si Hyuk Question,” which quickly went viral.

aespa newjeans
Credit: OSEN

Fans commented, “I would have laughed too,” “Glad it’s an issue they can laugh about,” “I wish the best for aespa,” and “The members seem mentally strong.”

Coincidentally, ADOR’s group NewJeans made a comeback around the same time on May 24th. Karina mentioned, “We met NewJeans in the waiting room and made hearts for each other. We’re good colleagues with no worries.”

The questions about recent controversies could have added pressure on the members during their album release showcase. However, the members handled it with grace, expressing their thoughts calmly and even showing their humorous sides, winning the support of netizens.

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