Weekly TV Top10: Netflix’s ‘The 8 Show’ and Disney Plus’s ‘Uncle Samsik’ Fall Short of Expectations

Drama Ranking for 3rd Week of May

tvN’s Lovely Runner has clinched the top spot for three consecutive weeks. Viewers are praising the meticulous scriptwriting, and the on-screen chemistry between Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon continues to garner immense love. JTBC’s The Atypical Family maintained its position at number 2, with the escalating romance between Jang Ki Yong and Chun Woo Hee driving a slight uptick in viewership. The dynamic between Chun Woo Hee and Park So Yi also drew intriguing responses from the audience. Netflix’s The 8 Show debuted at number 3. While many found it entertaining, some viewers felt it was overly provocative. tvN’s The Midnight Romance in Hagwon came in at number 4. It faced criticism in its debut week over its portrayal of public education and for a scene involving lead actress Jung Ryeo Won’s character driving under the influence. MBC’s Cheif Detective 1958 concluded its run in 5th place. Fans were moved by the special appearance of original series actor Choi Bool Am in the final episode. Disney Plus’s Uncle Samsik started off at 6th place. Despite high expectations for Song Kang Ho’s first series, the initial reactions have been lukewarm. SBS’s The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection quietly wrapped up in 9th place. ENA’s Crash debuted at number 10, receiving positive feedback for its fresh approach. KBS’s Dare to Love Me failed to break into the top 10 rankings in its premiere week.

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  1. tvN Lovely Runner (Share 47.42%)
  2. JTBC The Atypical Family (Share 7.11%)
  3. Netflix The 8 Show (Share 6.46%)
  4. tvN The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (Share 5.47%)
  5. MBC Chief Detective 1958 (Share 5.44%)
  6. Disney Plus Uncle Samsik (Share 4.76%)
  7. JTBC Frankly Speaking (Share 3.87%)
  8. KBS Beauty and Mr. Romantic (Share 3.10%)
  9. SBS The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection (Share 3.05%)
  10. ENA Crash (Share 2.88%)
  1. Byeon Woo Seok, Lovely Runner (Share 17.86%)
  2. Kim Hye Yoon, Lovely Runner (Share 17.10%)
  3. Chun Woo Hee, The Atypical Family (Share 4.11%)
  4. Jung Ryeo Won, The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (Share 4.08%)
  5. Jang Ki Yong, The Atypical Family (Share 3.77%)
  6. Wi Ha Jun, The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (Share 3.38%)
  7. Song Geon Hee, Lovely Runner (Share 2.46%)
  8. Ko Kyung Pyo, Frankly Speaking (Share 1.97%)
  9. Lee Je Hoon, Chief Detective 1958 (Share 1.90%)
  10. Song Kang Ho, Uncle Samsik (Share 1.78%)

Non-Drama Ranking for 3rd Week of May

  1. JTBC A Clean Sweep (Share 4.29%)
  2. JTBC/Wavve My Sibling’s Romance (Share 4.19%)
  3. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share 3.69%)
  4. MBC I Live Alone (Share 3.66%)
  5. SBS Running Man (Share 3.55%)
  6. KBS Gag Concert (Share 2.77%)
  7. ENA/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share 2.74%)
  8. Mnet I-LAND2 : N/a (Share 2.59%)
  9. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share 2.50%)
  10. TVING High School Mystery Club 3 (Share 2.47%)
  1. Park Jae Hyung, My Sibling’s Romance (Share 1.74%)
  2. Ku Sung Hwan, I Live Alone (Share 1.72%)
  3. Byeon Woo Seok, Running Man (Share 1.51%)
  4. Kim Ji Won, My Sibling’s Romance (Share 1.27%)
  5. Ryu Soo Young, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (Share 1.18%)
  6. Byun Yo Han, You Quiz on the Block (Share 0.99%)
  7. Yoo Hee Kwan, A Clean Sweep (Share 0.97%)
  8. Seo Yu Ri, Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic (Share 0.94%)
  9. Key, I Live Alone (Share 0.92%)
  10. Yoo Jae Suk, Hangout with Yoo (Share 0.91%)

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