Ryu Jun Yeol Opens Up About Greenwashing Criticism: ‘I got too greedy for a good image’

ryu jun yeol greenpeace
ryu jun yeol greenpeace
Credit: Netflix

On May 23rd, during an interview with Sports Kyunghyang, The 8 Show star Ryu Jun Yeol candidly addressed the greenwashing controversy surrounding him. “The efforts to cultivate a good image grew larger, and I got too greedy trying to fit that image,” he admitted.

Reflecting on recent scandals that engulfed him, he shared, “Honestly, I’ve learned a lot through these experiences. My thoughts changed after debuting, and I developed new ambitions. Perhaps I was too focused on the image that people who supported me had of me. I was trapped within it.” Ryu continued, “Going forward, I want to be more careful. What matters more is the heart inside, not the image shown, and I want to continue expressing that.”

One of the controversies that hit him hard was how he loved golfing even while pushing for environmental movements. “As I received more love from the public, I started thinking about how to give back, which led me to environmental protection,” the actor explained. “That’s how I began working with Greenpeace. Initially, I started with a light heart. Then I wondered if I could start this as part of my daily life, but as things grew, my greed to meet up to the people’s expectations of healthy thoughts led to where I am now.”

About his love for golf, he commented, “In the process of thinking about wanting to receive more love and produce better projects, I played football, traveled, took photographs, and played golf. It was all to make myself rounder as a person. I’d appreciate it if you could see (me golfing) as one (of those activities).”

Ryu Jun Yeol concluded, “Rather than striving to maintain an image, I’m thinking about how to show my genuine intentions. I believe that’s the mindset I should have as an actor.”

The 8 Show, currently streaming on Netflix, tells the story of eight individuals trapped in a mysterious building where time translates to money in a dangerous game.

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