Suzy Fans Frustrated by Endless Comparisons to LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha

le sserafim kazuha style
le sserafim kazuha style
Credit: iMBC

LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha recently took the stage to cover Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl,” sparking diverse reactions among fans. The performance was part of the group’s fan meeting, “FEARNADA 2024 S/S.”

Kazuha, noted for her similar eyes and innocent aura to Suzy, has often been spotlighted as Suzy‘s lookalike. She has also followed in Suzy’s footsteps by becoming the new face of a beauty brand previously endorsed by Suzy.

However, some of Suzy’s fans expressed their displeasure with the ongoing comparisons. Fans voiced their concerns: “I’ve had enough of this Suzy-lookalike concept, keeping bringing her every where,” “It’s a bit much to cling to Suzy for over two years,” “How long are we supposed to watch this go on?” “Please leave Suzy alone,” and “It’s irritating to see Suzy constantly mentioned while she is still very much active.”

Some netizens showed understanding for Suzy’s fans’ feelings. Remarks included, “Suzy’s fans have a right to be upset,” “It’s one thing to acknowledge their resemblance, but constantly drawing on an established celebrity’s image can backfire,” “They even posted Suzy’s part on the official account,” and “It might have been acceptable early on, but not anymore.”

Conversely, supporters of Kazuha argued that such comparisons are common in the industry and that her performance was merely fan service. They defended her by commenting, “She’s genuinely similar to Suzy, and it feels like she’s criticized for everything nowadays,” “Covering a lookalike’s stage is fairly common in fan service, why is Kazuha being singled out?”” and “It was a stage prepared for fans.”

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