Celebrities Share Their School Bullying Experiences: Ju Ji Hoon, Jeon Somi & Kang Daniel

korea celebrities school bullying
korea celebrities school bullying
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As the entertainment industry continues to grapple with revelations related to school bullying, several stars have courageously come forward to share their personal experiences of being bullied.

On the 8th, Ju Ji Hoon appeared as a guest on the YouTube show “Zzanbro.” During his appearance, the actor reminisced about his school days, saying, “There used to be 75 students in each classroom, totaling 19 classrooms. You can imagine how many bullies there were.” He added, “There were kids who would bully others, but since I was big, they didn’t bother me until middle school when they started picking fights in groups. I still vividly remember thinking how cowardly it was.”

When asked if the delinquents ever tempted him to join them, Ju Ji Hoon confidently responded, “I’m an actor now, and I’m so grateful I didn’t hang out (with those bad kids). Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here today.” Furthermore, Ju revealed, “Instead, I was bullied until I graduated high school. Group of them would come up to me saying, ‘Submit to me, or ‘You ***, keep your eyes down.'”

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Jeon Somi, born to a Canadian father and a Korean mother, also opened up about her experiences with school bullying. Appearing last year on one episode of YouTube’s “Song Yoon Ah by PDC,” the singer shared the difficulties she faced as a biracial child. “I didn’t think much of it as a baby, but I transferred schools in elementary school,” she said. “At first, the kids treated me kindly, saying I looked ‘like a doll,’ and I became the class president in just one day.”

However, after becoming president, the bullying began. “There was one kid who wanted to be president. That kid started to ostracize me. I was bullied from the third grade until the first semester of the sixth grade,” Somi revealed.

Kang Daniel also attracted attention by disclosing that he was bullied during his elementary school years due to frequent transfers. The idol appeared on the KBS show Problem Child in House in 2021, saying, “I moved a lot when I was young and often transferred schools. I don’t know why I was bullied; guess they just didn’t like the way I looked. In grades 4 and 5, I had my money taken and was beaten up by older kids. To the bullies, it was just a game,” sharing a shocking revelation.


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