Han So Hee’s Agency Reportedly Paid Thousands of Dollars for Her Tattoo Removal

han so hee tattoo
han so hee tattoo
Credit: Han So Hee’s Instagram

Han So Hee is back in the headlines, this time for details about her pre-fame days.

han so hee tattoo
Credit: Han So Hee’s Instagram

Han So Hee first entered the entertainment industry as a model before making her acting debut in the 2017 SBS drama Reunited Worlds. However, it was her role in the 2020 JTBC drama The World of the Married that propelled her to stardom. With newfound fame came intense scrutiny. The star’s past, including her pre-debut days with noticeable arm tattoos, became a topic of public fascination back in 2020. Reactions to her past were mixed, with some saying “it’s not a problem” and others finding it “shocking.”

Modeling photos showed Han So Hee with several large arm tattoos. Interestingly, these were absent by the time she appeared in The World of the Married. These photos of her arm tattoos resurfaced after her high-profile relationship and breakup with Ryu Jun Yeol. A recent report revealed that her current agency, 9ato Entertainment, footed the bill (around $17,000) for their removal. This news has reignited discussions surrounding her tattoos, with opinions divided.

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