Park Seo Ham’s Unfiltered Lifestyle Shocks Fans: Messy or Unpretentious?

Park Seo Ham I Live Alone
Park Seo Ham I Live Alone
Credit: MBC

Fan-favorite Park Seo Ham made a buzzworthy appearance on MBC’s I Live Alone this week, but it was his living situation that sparked a heated debate online.

>> Park Seo Ham to Guest Star on ‘I Live Alone’

The March 23rd episode offered a glimpse into Park Seo Ham’s home and daily routine. Viewers were first greeted with a sight that left even the show’s cast taken aback: a sink overflowing with dirty dishes and clothes piled high in front of the washing machine. When one of the hosts jokingly suggested throwing some laundry into the machine, he seemed to just realize the possibility and replied with a sheepish “Oh…” that cracked everyone up.

The anxiety level went up during his meal prep. With the sink and countertop already overfilled, Park Seo Ham opted to eat breakfast on the kitchen floor. He also got creative with drying his laundry and resorted to hanging clothes on the glass door, his record player, and even the vacuum cleaner due to a lack of space on his drying racks.

Despite the somewhat chaotic room conditions, Park Seo Ham managed to whip up a hearty beef and bean paste stew for his brother before his military enlistment. The episode showcased a heartwarming moment as the brothers shared memories over the meal, even with a few close calls during cooking.

Following the broadcast, Park Seo Ham’s living conditions became a hot topic. While some viewers expressed concerns about the hygiene aspects, others championed his right to live life on his own terms, praising the show for capturing his authentic lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the I Live Alone episode featuring Park Seo Ham secured the top spot among Friday night variety shows, pulling in a 7.9% viewership rating in the Seoul metropolitan area.

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