Netflix’s ‘Chicken Nugget’ Faces Backlash Over Saudi Royal Family Reference

chicken nugget saudi arabia
chicken nugget saudi arabia
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s series Chicken Nugget has found itself at the center of criticism from Arab viewers over a reference to the Saudi royal family, causing a stir among fans and cultural commentators alike.

According to the global movie rating platform IMDb, Chicken Nugget has been bombarded with one-star reviews, particularly from viewers in some Middle Eastern countries, accusing the show of insulting the Saudi royal family. Notably, about 3,200 viewers from Saudi Arabia participated in the review process, with 99.4% of them giving the series the lowest score.

The contentious scene unfolded in the series finale, featuring Ahn Jae Hong as Ko Baek Joong, a global superstar known as Yellow Pants. An Iranian fan attending Yellow Pants’ tour expressed disappointment during an interview, saying, “Yellow Pants is loved by people of all religions and races. But the fact that Middle Eastern countries weren’t included on this tour is disappointing.”

The plot thickened when Yellow Pants’ secretary relayed that “The Saudi royal family contacted us too. They’re disappointed even though I explained the situation. They asked for some tickets so the prince and his wife can see this concert,” to which Yellow Pants questioned, “Why should I give them preferential treatment?” The secretary suggested looking at the situation from a political and economic standpoint, leading Yellow Pants to agree to “Okay, VIP seats.”

chicken nugget saudi arabia
Credit: IMDb

This depiction has sparked outrage among viewers from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, accusing Chicken Nugget of belittling the Saudi royal family. Comments on IMDb included criticisms about the importance of respecting political figures from other countries, with viewers expressing displeasure at the series for “distorting the reputation of Saudi Arabia.” One comment read, “One does not have to embrace our culture, but you do not have the right to harass us or distort our reputation.”

Director Lee Byung Hun addressed the controversy during an interview on March 18th, following the series premiere. He explained that the reference was intended to underscore the character of Yellow Pants as a globally celebrated musician, noting that it was inspired by the positive reaction to a famous Saudi visitor in Korea at the time. “The idea was to show that even such prominent figures would go through ticketing, emphasizing Yellow Pants as a significant musician,” Lee stated.

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