IU Goes All Out for Her Brother’s Birthday: A Luxury Shopping Spree in LA

iu brother
iu brother
Credit: YouTube “IU Official”

On March 19th, IU released the “Buying a birthday present for my little brother vlog” on her YouTube channel, capturing the special moments as IU embarked on a luxury shopping spree in Los Angeles for her brother, Lee Jong Hoon’s belated birthday present.

During the vlog, IU, accompanied by her brother, explored LA and indulged in some shopping. “Jong Hoon’s birthday was in November. I couldn’t get him a gift back then. Is there something you’d like your sister to buy you here?” IU asked. Lee Jong Hoon jokingly pointed at a passing red car, saying, “That one, I want that red car,” eliciting laughter from both.

Upon arriving at a luxury store, IU shared, “Jong Hoon is picking out his present. He keeps saying nothing catches his eye or that he doesn’t need anything, but whenever I suggest something, he reacts like, ‘Oh, this is totally mine.”” Lee Jong Hoon appreciated IU’s aesthetic sense, remarking, “It’s definitely better when someone with a sense of style chooses for you.” IU humbly added, “I don’t usually get compliments for my aesthetic sense, but I do have a knack for choosing gifts. I can perfectly pick out what would suit someone.”

As IU inquired at the cashier if Jong Hoon enjoyed the shopping experience, he amusingly responded, “You can’t buy happiness with money, but I learned from you that you can definitely make someone happy with it.” IU reflected, “I feel much more rewarded buying gifts for others than for myself. Someday, Jong Hoon, you should make your sister happy with the money you make.”

After completing the payment with a single swipe of her card, Lee Jong Hoon asked in disbelief, “Did you pay in one go? It went through?” IU casually confirmed as Lee Jong Hoon danced with joy on the street, clearly over the moon with his sister’s generous gift.

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