Han So Hee Goes Private on Social Media Amid Romance Buzz

han so hee boyfriend
han so hee boyfriend
Credit: SBS News

In a move that speaks volumes about the pressures of public life, Han So Hee has turned her Instagram account to private, following her blog’s closure on the 17th. This decision appears to stem from the whirlwind of controversy and scrutiny that has surrounded her since the revelation of her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol.

Han So Hee’s blog, which she effectively shut down on the 17th, has been a significant medium of communication with her fans. She used to share heartfelt posts, including those that candidly discussed her feelings about her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol. Currently, only a visitor’s message board remains active on the blog, leaving fans unable to access her previous posts.

han so hee boyfriend
Credit: Han So Hee Instagram, Blog

The transition of her Instagram account to a private setting on the same day signals the considerable impact their relationship has had. Both platforms, once vibrant spaces for interaction with her followers, are now secluded from the public eye.

Ryu Jun Yeol, her partner, quietly returned to Korea from Hawaii on the 17th. The waiting press captured his arrival as he quickly exited the airport without a word. This low-key return happened just a day after the couple acknowledged their romance.

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