‘Queen of Tears’ Teases Tension and Heartbeats Between Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won

queen of tears ep 3
queen of tears ep 3
Credit: tvN

In the upcoming twist from tvN’s weekend drama Queen of Tears, an air of awkwardness envelops Baek Hyun Woo (played by Kim Soo Hyun) and Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won), sparking intense curiosity among viewers. The couple, once hailed as the romance of the century, finds themselves sharing a bed for the first time in ages during a family hunting trip, setting the stage for potentially shifting dynamics in their frosty relationship.

Three years into their marriage, Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In’s love has completely dissolved. Their interactions have become scarce, limited to sharp exchanges at work and a near-total lack of communication at home. The distance between them is palpable, with meals taken far apart and separate bedrooms underscoring the chill in their relationship.

However, being stuck in the same soon hints at a possible thaw. Forced into proximity, both Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In exhibit unusual awareness of each other, with even the act of lying side by side in the same bed stirring unspoken emotions. Remarkably, Hong Hae In finds her heart fluttering at the sight of her husband for the first time in three years, revealing the complex feelings simmering beneath the surface.

Adding to the intrigue, Baek Hyun Woo’s jealousy over Hong Hae In’s close male friend, Yoon Eun Sung (Park Sung Hoon), and Hong Hae In’s reawakened sparks for her husband indicate that both are grappling with their evolving emotions, struggling to regain their equilibrium.

Meanwhile, episode 3 of Queen of Tears is set to air on the 16th at 9:10 PM KST.

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  • I’ve only started to watch this show and I’m enjoying it very much, great storyline
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