Choi Sung Eun Felt More Comfortable Working With Song Joong Ki or Ji Chang Wook? Here’s What She Reveals

My Name Is Loh Ki Wan Choi Sung Eun
My Name Is Loh Ki Wan Choi Sung Eun
Credit: Netflix

Choi Sung Eun shared her experience working with Song Joong Ki on Netflix film My Name Is Loh Ki Wan.

The movie follows a North Korean defector named Loh Ki Wan (played by Song Joong Ki) who arrives in Belgium clinging to his last hope. There, he encounters a woman named Marie (played by Choi Sung Eun) who’s lost her purpose in life. Drawn to each other, they embark on a new journey together.

In an interview, Choi Sung Eun revealed a surprising detail about her interactions with Song Joong Ki. “Before this film, I never called an older or more experienced actor by ‘oppa’,” she admitted. “Even with Ji Chang Wook, I called him ‘sunbae’ out of respect. I guess I’m not one to drop formalities easily.”

“Oppa” is a Korean term that translates as “older brother” in English but is used by a woman to address an older man she is close to, not necessarily her biological brother. It can be used for friends, boyfriends, or even celebrities. It conveys a sense of friendliness and closeness. On the other hand, “sunbae” means “senior” and is used to address someone who is older or more experienced, regardless of gender.

However, things were different with Song Joong Ki. “For My Name Is Loh Ki Wan, creating a natural connection felt crucial,” Choi explained. “Thankfully, Song Joong Ki told me to relax and encouraged me not to call him ‘sunbae’ during our first meeting.”

“Dropping the formalities definitely helped us bond faster,” she added.

Choi Sung Eun also praised Song Joong Ki’s personality and professionalism. “He’s incredibly considerate,” she said. “He always goes the extra mile to make his co-stars feel comfortable, and his positive energy keeps the set lively.”

“Working with him was a learning experience,” Choi continued. “He’s passionate, dedicated, and always open to feedback. He’s also incredibly humble.”

“I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity,” Choi concluded. “Song Joong Ki is not just a phenomenal actor, but a genuinely kind person. I learned so much from him.”

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