‘The Return of Superman’ Favorite “JamJam” Moon Hee Yul Returns All Grown Up With Her Baby Brother

moon hee jun son
moon hee jun son
Credit: KBS

In the recent episode of KBS’s The Return of Superman aired on the 5th, Moon Hee Jun and Soyul’s family captured the hearts with their much-anticipated update. The couple’s firstborn, affectionately known as JamJam (Moon Hee Yul), made a charming return, now very much grown.

Hee Yul confidently introduced herself, “My name is Moon Hee Yul, and my nickname is JamJam. I’m 7 years old.” Her excitement about returning to the show was palpable as she exclaimed, “I love it this much,” continuing her tradition of gifting snacks to the camera staff with the same adorableness as before.

It wasn’t just Hee Yul; the episode also introduced the family’s second child, Hee Woo. If Hee Yul takes after her mother Soyul’s cute looks, Hee Woo is the spitting image of his father, Moon Hee Jun, garnering much attention. Moon Hee Jun shared a special connection with Hee Woo, revealing, “I debuted on September 7, 1996, and he was born on the same date in 2022. It’s as if he’s born to carry on my fate.”

Moreover, Moon Hee Jun disclosed Hee Yul’s dream of becoming a K-pop idol, giving her advice on the essential virtues of an idol. He playfully shared, “There are three virtues for an idol. Singing is a given, and learning English is essential for global outreach. The third is the multiplication tables. Once you become an idol and start earning, you have to share the profits with the company. There are even contracts with a 9 to 1 split, something I never even got to see.”

In a lighthearted moment, Moon Hee Jun teased Hee Yul about not responding to his texts and calls, jokingly questioning if she had a boyfriend. Hee Yul initially denied having a boyfriend, claiming, “I just have a friend,” only to later admit to having two boyfriends, surprising her dad and inducing laughter from viewers.

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