Lucas Breaks Silence and Signals Comeback Under SM: How Will the Public React?

lucas nct comeback
lucas nct comeback
Credit: Lucas Instagram

Lucas, previously sidelined by personal controversies, is revving up for a significant return to showbiz, signaling a new chapter while still under SM Entertainment’s wing. With the entertainment world abuzz, Lucas’s comeback is clouded with both anticipation and skepticism.

>> Lucas Parts Ways with NCT and WayV to Pursue Solo Career

In a strategic move hinting at his re-entry into the limelight, Lucas inaugurated his presence on X (previously known as Twitter on the 21st, amassing over 20,000 followers swiftly. This step followed a hiatus initiated in August 2021 due to accusations of gaslighting by an individual claiming to be an ex-girlfriend.

The controversy widened as more individuals, reportedly fans from China, claimed to have dated Lucas. Allegations included demands for luxury gifts and hotel bookings. Amidst the growing storm of disclosures, Lucas issued a handwritten apology, reflecting on his actions and announcing his withdrawal from the groups NCT and WayV. In May last year, SM Entertainment confirmed his departure from the groups, opting for a solo career path moving forward.

With his comeback seemingly approaching, insiders noted, “Lucas is still an artist under SM Entertainment. Despite the controversy and time passed, his relationship with the company seems solid. If there’s mutual willingness, a comeback is just a matter of time.”

Lucas was once a prominent figure pushed by SM, and the choice of group departure over contract termination was telling of the company’s stance during the controversy. However, “Lucas has suffered significant damage in his image. Public opinion is divided. SM’s management will play a crucial role,” adding complexity to his potential comeback. The public’s reaction varies from supportive calls for a positive return to sharp criticisms and skepticism about his future in the entertainment industry.

lucas nct comeback
Credit: Lucas YouTube

On the 24th, Lucas’s official YouTube channel released the first part of the singer’s documentary, Freeze. “I had so many thoughts. In all seriousness, my hair kept falling out. I couldn’t even eat properly because I had no appetite,” Lucas shared, expressing deep remorse over his actions. “I was so sorry that I wanted to die. Because honestly, it was all my fault.”

Lucas reflected on the loneliness and frustration that clouded his judgment, “I did the things I did in the past because I really was out of my mind. Wherever I went, people cheered for me, but then, when I came back to my room and was alone, no one would contact me. No one called me. I was so lonely,” adding, “I didn’t know what to do with the frustration I had in me.”

Lucas also acknowledged the distress he caused his group members and fans, expressing heartfelt remorse: “I disappointed the other members. I feel so sorry. I made so many memories with the members. Those memories pop up in my head every now and then. I really want to be with them.”

Meeting with Lee Sung Soo, SM’s Chief A&R Officer, Lucas opened up, “”I’ve had a hard time over the past two years. I’ve thought about many things, but I don’t want to keep living like this. I want to keep working hard.” Then pondering his future and fan support, the singer shared, “I’ve had a hard time over the past two years…I wonder if I still have fans. No matter what they say, they are my driving force.”

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