Hwang Jung Eum Claps Back at Online Trolls: Hints at Her Husband’s Infidelity

Hwang Jung Eum divorce
Hwang Jung Eum divorce
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Amidst a whirlwind of personal turmoil, Hwang Jung Eum has taken a stand against online trolls following her initiation of divorce proceedings against her husband and former golfer, Lee Young Don, hinting at her husband’s infidelity as the cause.

On the 23rd, Hwang took to her Instagram to vent her frustrations, engaging in a heated exchange with a commenter. This person wrote, “Honestly if a man is capable and wealthy, he’s not satisfied with just one woman. Don’t marry a wealthy man if you can’t understand that.” In response, the actress retorted, “Go read a book. Or better yet, make some money,” adding, “I’m a thousand times richer than him. If you don’t know, don’t run your mouth. By your logic, I’m wealthier, so I should be the one to cheat.”

Another netizen’s comment, “Man’s gotta have fun,” was met with sharp replies from Hwang: “He could have fun after the divorce,” “You’re Lee Young Don, aren’t you?” and “But what have I done wrong (to deserve this)?” She further stirred speculation by saying, “Do you think I knew he was a cheater when I met him? I didn’t, and that’s life,” and “I let it go once. And that was the first time I ever did that in my life,” suggesting a past incident of infidelity by Lee.

Recently, Hwang filed for divorce against Lee, citing irreconcilable differences due to faults on his part. Her agency, Y.One Entertainment, stated, “After much deliberation, Hwang Jung Eum has decided that she can no longer maintain her marriage and is currently in the process of getting a divorce. We ask for your understanding as we cannot disclose details regarding the reasons due to the privacy of the individuals involved.”


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