How DPR IAN Stole the Show in IU’s ‘Shopper’ Music Video

dpr ian iu
dpr ian iu
Credit: ‘Shopper’ MV

Singer and visual director DPR IAN, aka Christian Yu, took the helm and also starred in the music video for “Shopper,” one of the double title tracks from IU‘s new mini-album, The Winning.

Released on the afternoon of the 20th, the “Shopper” music video sets its scene against the backdrop of a special shop glowing amidst the dark night streets. Within this fantasy film-like ambiance, IU, transformed with blonde hair, captures the audience with her mystical and kitschy charm.

IU and DPR IAN unravel a unique chemistry as righteous outlaws, aiding mystical objects to find their rightful owners. Utilizing minor objects like candy, letters, and telescopes, they symbolically represent various desires, leaving a strong artistic impact with cinematic visuals and storytelling reminiscent of a short film.

DPR IAN, who started directing in 2015 with DPR LIVE’s “TILL I DIE” music video, gained attention in the visual scene with “Eung Freestyle” in 2016. He has also directed for artists like Bobby in “HOLUP!” Mino in “BODY,” and Taeyang in “WAKE ME UP.” However, focusing on DPR’s unique style and creative worldview, he has concentrated on DPR CREW’s internal projects for the past few years. After nearly seven years, he returns to directing with IU’s music video, seeking to expand his visual domain.

dpr ian iu
Credit: DPR IAN Instagram

DPR IAN shared, “When I first heard the song, it gave me a sense of hope during a time I was feeling down. The title ‘Shopper’ brought to mind images of markets or stores, and reflecting IU’s wish for a witty twist, we shaped the characters. This music video tells a story about our desires, conveying a hopeful message to fulfill these small yet valuable wishes.”

He added, “I was looking forward to working with IU, and it turned out to be a fun project. Since I had to direct and act, I couldn’t focus much on my character, but IU kindly took care of the set. Her professionalism was impressive not only to me but to our entire team.”


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