‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 15 Recap: Karma Strikes Back at Lee Yi Kyung and Song Ha Yoon

marry my husband sumin ending
marry my husband sumin ending
Credit: tvN

Lee Yi Kyung meets his death at the hands of Song Ha Yoon in the latest episode of tvN’s Marry My Husband.

The 15th episode aired yesterday and recorded an average nationwide viewership rating of 11.1% with a peak of 12.9%. It ranked first in all channels in both the metropolitan area and nationwide.

Episode 15 picks up at the moment Park Min Hwan (played by Lee Yi Kyung) attacks Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young). Yoo Ji Hyuk (Na In Woo) arrives in time to save her, and Min Hwan eventually gets fired. At home, loan sharks are waiting for him, leaving him with a nasty bruise. Injured and desperate, he tries to escape the crisis by using the money and luxury bags hidden by Jung Su Min (Song Ha Yoon). He also receives the notice about the insurance policy at U&K and reads the clause about getting money for a spouse’s death, which makes him determined to kill Su Min.

Meanwhile, Su Min confronts Oh Yoo Ra (BoA) with a recording from her father’s phone that proves Yoo Ra tried to kill Ji Won. She blackmails Yoo Ra to avoid taking the full blame for what happened to Ji Won. Soon after, Su Min receives an unexpected call from Ji Hyuk, who claims that Min Hwan and Ji Won are seeing each other. He offers to work with her and proposes a plan to catch them in the act.

At the office, Ji Hyuk messages Su Min with the hotel’s name and number. Su Min goes to find Min Hwan and Ji Won together, but instead, she discovers Min Hwan and Yoo Ra in bed. She confronts Min Hwan and takes photos of them. The secretary then ties Su Min up.

Su Min wakes up tied up in an apartment and discovers Min Hwan has taken her money and plans to kill her. When he leaves to find gas, she manages to escape the ropes. Upon his return, she leaps at him with a knife, but he overpowers her.

The fight continues, and Su Min reveals that Min Hwan is sterile. During the struggle, she pushes Min Hwan into a glass table, just like Min Hwan gave Ji Won that fatal push in her first life.

At work, Seok Jun calls Ji Hyuk and tells him that Joo Ran will be able to get a divorce. The video from the dashcam recording her husband’s affair has suddenly started working, providing the necessary evidence. At the same time, Ji Won gets a text informing her about Min Hwan’s death and attends the funeral with Ji Hyuk. Min Hwan’s mother is distraught and blames Su Min for everything.

Later in the evening, Ji Hyuk learns that Min Hwan’s parents reported a theft at their house. He deduces that Su Min is responsible, and the police are also searching for her. While Ji Hyuk and Ji Won watch the news at night, Su Min stands ominously outside their home. She promises that Ji Won will not be happy.

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