Geum Hannah Compared to Angelina Jolie for Performance in ‘A Shop for Killers’

A Shop for Killers Geum Hannah
A Shop for Killers Geum Hannah
Credit: Disney Plus

Introduced as a mysterious figure in the first episode, So Min Hye (played by Geum Hannah) is revealed to be a member of the Red Code, a group of assassins dedicated to protecting Ji An.

A deadly “S-class killer,” Min Hye single-handedly takes on a horde of enemies in a thrilling action sequence that elevates the excitement of A Shop for Killers. As the production team promised, Min Hye proves to be the show’s hidden ace, delivering a jaw-dropping fight scene in a warehouse.

A Shop for Killers Geum Hannah
Credit: ZAPZEE

At the show’s press conference, Geum Hannah opened up about the grueling training and action sequences she underwent while filming the series. “There was so much action,” she said. “I even threw up at the end. It was really hard because I had to learn a fighting technique called Grappling as a basic skill.”

The actress described how she pushed herself to the limit during filming. “I think I just let go of everything at the end,” she said. “It was like my mind and body were moving separately.”

Geum Hannah also spoke about the physical challenges she faced. “Learning the martial arts wasn’t easy, but sparring with the male actors was a brutal wake-up call,” she said. “I ended up gaining about 3kg of muscle. It was a lonely journey because I had to do such high-intensity training all by myself.”

Despite the challenges, Geum Hannah’s performance in A Shop for Killers has been praised by critics and audiences alike. Some have even compared her to Angelina Jolie, another actress known for her impressive action roles. “I’m so grateful that you think so,” she said of the comparison.

A Shop for Killers Geum Hannah
Credit: ZAPZEE

Lee Dong Wook, who plays Jeong Jin Man in the series, also attended the press conference and shared his thoughts on Geum Hannah’s performance.

“My favorite scene is the one where her character goes all out with the action,” Lee Dong Wook said. “She was hanging upside down and doing all these incredible moves. And the fact that she did it all herself, without a stunt double, just made it even more impressive. I was totally blown away.”

With a career spanning stage and film since 2011, Geum Hannah has made a definitive mark on the public consciousness with her portrayal of Min Hye in A Shop for Killers.

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