‘A Killer Paradox’ Becomes 2nd Most-Watched Non-English Show on Netflix, But Sex Crime Storyline Sparks Backlash

A Killer Paradox controversy
A Killer Paradox controversy
Credit: Netflix

A Killer Paradox has reached number two on Netflix’s global Top 10 non-English TV list just 3 days after its release. It has also entered the Top 10 list in a total of 19 countries, including South Korea, Bolivia, India, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.

A Killer Paradox controversy
Credit: Netflix

Despite initial praise, the show has received criticism for its later episodes. Some viewers felt the story lost its momentum after the setting shifted from Daejeon to Busan, particularly regarding the execution of the illegal filming storyline and the development of the villain Song Chon (played by Lee Hee Joon). Additionally, the show’s graphic portrayal of violence has sparked debate, with some finding the revenge porn scenes too disturbing to watch and others questioning the need for extensive nudity.

Cine 21 reporter Im Soo Yeon criticized the drama on Twitter, saying, “I cannot accept the production’s decision to recreate the scene after spending a lot of time showing the revenge porn victim struggling to rebuild her life. It is an image that the victim, who is essentially living a dead life, would want to erase the most.”

Netizens also criticized the scene. Some said, “Seriously, the character’s already freaking out about the video, why did they have to include that scene too?” “It felt so unnecessary.” “Come on, who needs all that recording scene in the story? It’s just mean and doesn’t make the plot any better.” “It seems like this is getting worse as Netflix popularizes provocative material.” “I turned it off as soon as that scene came on.”

The drama has previously been criticized for its portrayal of a corrupt construction company chairman who resembles Lee Jae Myung, the leader of the Democratic Party of South Korea. The chairman’s character has also been criticized for operating a food truck in the Cheongnamdae, a water source protection area.

>> Netflix Series ‘A Killer Paradox’ Sparks Controversy With Character’s Resemblance to Real-life Politician

Netflix has responded to the criticism by stating that the construction company chairman’s character is not based on any specific person and that the allegations are groundless. The company also explained that the staff operated the food truck with the permission of the Cheongnamdae management office.

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