Jang Won Young’s Sister Jang Da A Teases a Brutal High School Hierarchy in ‘Pyramid Game’

jang won young sister
jang won young sister
Credit: TVING

In an electrifying update set to revamp the high school drama landscape, Pyramid Game teases viewers with a sneak peek into the lives of its polar opposite protagonists, played by Jang Da A and Ryu Da In. This TVING original series, penned by Choi Soo Yi and directed by Park So Yeon, explores the vicious survival war within the hierarchy of Baekyeon High School’s sophomore class.

Pyramid Game, adapted from the hit Naver webtoon by Dalcognac, dives into the cruel social experiment of Baek Yeon High’s Class 2-5, where students, through a secret ballot held monthly, are divided into bullies, victims, and bystanders, spiraling into violence. The narrative follows Sung Soo Ji (Bona), who awakens as a sharpshooter determined to dismantle the “pyramid,” delivering a thrilling blend of strategic mind games and psychological warfare.

The newly released stills showcase the stark contrasts between the elegant Baek Ha Rin, portrayed by Jang Won Young’s sister Jang Da A, and the scarred Myung Ja Eun, played by Ryu Da In, sparking curiosity about the class’s social structure. Ha Rin, the epitome of grace and confidence, harbors a chilling secret beneath her kind smile, while Ja Eun’s visible scars hint at her status as the lowest of the low in the school’s cruel ranking system. It raises curiosity as to why Myung Ja Eun, who chose not to participate in the Pyramid Game and declared herself as F rank, might become a key player in Sung Soo Ji’s rebellion.

jang won young sister
Credit: TVING

Jang Da A, making her acting debut as the beloved Baek Ha Rin, shared, “Always kind and dignified, Baek Ha Rin appears perfect on the surface. I’ve pondered deeply on how to convey the complex emotions and craftiness that belie her outward appearance. I aimed to ensure that fans of the original webtoon would find my portrayal fitting and intriguing.”

Ryu Da In transforms into the perennially lowest-ranked Myung Ja Eun, revealing, “Ja Eun is wary of others yet cherishes them more than anyone. I was told she resembles a ‘black alley cat.'” She added, “Ja Eun is generous to others but strict with herself, which made her feel pitiful to me. I made an effort to ensure that she wouldn’t be seen just as a pitiful character.” Lastly, she highlighted, “The work’s charm lies in its rhythmic progression that keeps you on the edge of your seat without letting go of the tension.”

Meanwhile, TVING original series Pyramid Game premieres on the 29th.


Source: TVING

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