Han Geng Opens Up About His Journey from Super Junior to Family Man

Super Junior Han Geng now
Super Junior Han Geng now
Credit: YouTube “Phoenix TV”

Former Super Junior sensation Han Geng has stunned fans with his latest appearance, showcasing a dramatic change.

In a recent interview video shared on the “Phoenix TV” YouTube channel, fans saw a new side of Han Geng, distinct from his idol days. He now sports a shorter hairstyle and carries a more reflective expression, showcasing a different, more mature aspect from his earlier polished image.

Han Geng candidly shared his current struggles, revealing the toll years of dancing have taken on his knees, resulting in severe inflammation and pain. Despite the hardships, he emphasized the necessity of working hard for his family. “If I don’t work, I can’t support my family, and that would make our home life very difficult. I have no choice but to work hard so my child can go to school,” he expressed.

The devoted father also shared his wish to shield his daughter from the hardships of life. “I hope my daughter never finds out how hard I work. I prefer to bear the burden alone. I don’t even tell my mother about my difficulties. I don’t want to burden my daughter with my struggles,” he revealed.

Reflecting on his transition from a Super Junior member to an actor, Han Geng admitted that overcoming prejudices associated with being an idol was challenging. “Being a former idol, I faced a lot of stereotypes. Now, I don’t have as many fans as before,” he said with a laugh.

Since the interview’s release, people have expressed their surprise and concern, noting how different Han Geng looks from his Super Junior days, when he was known as a “flower boy” and stood at the center of hit tracks like “Sorry Sorry.”

Han Geng debuted with Super Junior in 2005 and received immense love for hits like “U” and “Sorry Sorry.” However, after filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in 2009 to nullify his contract, he moved to China to pursue an acting career. He married Chinese-American actress Celina Jade in 2019 and welcomed a daughter in 2022, marking a new chapter in his life beyond fame.

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